Aluminum facades

Facade systems (aluminium) are used to construct facades of various buildings (banks, car showrooms, hotels, shopping centres, etc.). In addition, the facades are used for roof glazing (winter gardens), giving them a unique atmosphere. Aluminium facades in contemporary architecture offer unlimited possibilities. They are one of the best in the safety and energy efficiency category, which is why they are used in passive construction.
We offer all solutions, including fire protection systems.
The facades are complemented by facade shutters and ventilated walls with facade cladding on them.

Aluminium facade systems are perfect for glazed facades of public buildings. Aluminium facades are also used to create spatial structures and roof glazing, whose task is to illuminate the interior of the building and create a unique atmosphere and comfort for users. They are a great tool for shaping and implementing bold visions of designers. The most popular is the aluminium mullion and transom façade, specifically the MB-TT50 system by Aluprof. A completely new approach to the construction of profiles and accessories was used there, which are responsible for tightness, thermal insulation and for the assembly of the facade.

Therefore, this system is characterized by one of the highest technical parameters among aluminium facade systems available on the market. It is therefore ideal for the needs of energy-efficient and passive construction.

The facade systems include structural glazing (MB-SG50) and semi-structural glazing, which is used for the construction of aluminium and glass facades, giving the buildings an elegant and representative character. Therefore, glass facades are no longer the exclusive domain of public buildings and are used in modern residential buildings.