Allow yourself more sun

Glazing gives us unlimited possibilities in creating bright, comfortable and safe rooms. It offers tons of benefits in interior design and decoration. Thanks to products from Saint-Gobain and Pilkington, you can enjoy natural sunlight without restriction. Ornamental glazing as a partition wall creates friendly, open space. Used as a decorative element or wall covering, it improves visual comfort. The installation of mirrors brightens the entire room and gives a sense of depth to the picture.


Bright interiors create a nice atmosphere

Glass is an easy-to-clean and healthy material – it does not emit any volatile organic compounds. That is why various types of ornamental glass are so eagerly used in interior design. Depending on the decorative effect and the desired transparency, we offer neutral, optical, tinted, translucent printed, varnished, powdered, enameled glass as well as glass with a pattern applied by digital printing or screen printing.

Safety first and foremost

The mechanical strength of the glass allows you to create large, elegant surfaces with safety in case of breakage – our offer includes tempered, laminated and protective foil.

We offer many types of glazing:

• decorative glass
• facade glass,
• anti-corrosion glass,
• low-emission glass,
• painted glass,
• ornamental glass,

• large format glass, the so-called XXL,
• solar control glass,
• laminated glass
• mirrors and mirror glass,
• anti-reflective glass
• tinted glass,
• de-ironed glass – extra white,
• classic window glass.