UPVC & PCV windows

UPVC & PVC windows are the most popular solution on the market. They are durable, solid, well insulated and also easy to clean!

We offer UPVC & PVC windows of the following companies:

Wooden windows

The windows we offer are made of pine, larch, oak, and even – at the client’s special request – mahonia meranti. The latest technological solutions enable perfect finishing, smoothness and aesthetic appearance.
We use triple and quadruple plywood with appropriate wood moisture and triple impregnation of profiles, which keep the windows in great condition over many years. In addition, we have a countless number of RAL colors and azure (wood structure) to satisfy even the most demanding customers.
We only use eco paint coatings.

Characteristic features of wooden windows:

• High durability – they are not subject to cracks and deformations
• Made of natural raw material
• Low thermal transmittance
• Very good acoustic parameters
• Timeless performance line

Windows with aluminum covers

One of the recommended solutions are wooden windows with aluminum covers manufactured by Aluron. Thanks to this combination, we obtain a better thermal effect of the windows and high resistance to weather conditions. The aluminum cover protects our windows from the outside while we can enjoy the beauty of the wood from the inside.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum systems are a composition of various solutions in terms of functionality, aesthetics, requirements, burglary resistance and fire / smoke resistance. Aluminum joinery has a full range of fire resistance, starting from Ei15, through Ei30, Ei60, Ei120 and more. A large part of aluminum systems has thermal barriers that reduce thermal transmittance. The best of them are used in energy-saving and passive houses.

We are certified by the “Institute of Passive Houses PHI Darmstadt”

We offer aluminum windows of the following companies:

Windows lifted and opened outwards

Outward opening systems require the maintenance of appropriate drainage, vents and reinforcements.

Therefore, in systems of this type there are many more axes of symmetry than in the continental ones. This enables the construction of structures that are impossible or very difficult to achieve in other systems, e.g. wing structures in wings – where only the upper part of the wing can be open. Another aspect is the glazing from the inside, which makes it necessary to “reverse” the rebate – transfer to the other side of the frame.

Aluplast offers the Ideal 70 system – windows intended for the British/ Irish market, opening outwards. The windows have five-chamber profiles with a depth of 70 mm.
The form of the profiles combines high living comfort with the latest technology. Strong construction, harmonious shapes and attractive design guarantee timeless elegance. Slants and gentle curves can meet the highest expectations of customers.

Sky windows

In order to illuminate the interior or ventilate the attic,modern roof windows will be the optimal solution.In addition to standard rotary windows ,customers are increasingly recognizing windows with an increased axis of rotation or tilt and swivel windows.they provide much higher functionality.
We offer wooden roof windows and aluminium-plastic windows with different opening methods and structures.
sky windows

In our offer we have roof windows from leading manufactures:


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