Wooden front doors

We specialize in custom-made doors – any wood, any configuration. No pattern is a problem. Have you seen a door somewhere that you would like to have at your place? Nothing simpler, take a picture and we’ll do the rest.

Each door is equipped with:
• 2 locks (including one hook type “C” lock)
• gaskets around the perimeter of the leaf and the frame
• aluminum threshold
• French rebate – anti-theft system
• hinges adjustable in 3 planes

Due to its natural origin, the wood may have differences in the grain and color shades. The colors of the samples may differ from the actual ones (depending on the monitor settings)


Aluminum front doors

Our aluminum doors have a coefficient of Ud – 0.44 W / (m2K), which places them at the forefront. The water resistance class is as high as 7A, therefore the door will remain hermetic even during a storm and blizzard.
We produce panel doors in many variants (aluminum / glass) and sizes.
A huge selection of veneers, colors and panels will allow us to create the perfect pattern. Panel doors can be made in very large sizes – up to 1.4 m wide and 2.6 m high. On the other hand, double wing doors can be up to 5.5 m wide.

PVC front doors

PVC doors are characterized by good heat insulation and high resistance to weather conditions, they are very durable and can be used for many years, because they have a high resistance to deformation. In addition, they come in a very wide range of colors. This type of door has another very important feature – they are easy to clean, ordinary cleaning agents are enough to maintain their attractive appearance.

• Modern design, rounded profile lines
• Any shape possible
• The multi-chamber structure and the frame and sash depth of 70-92 mm allows for very good thermal insulation parameters,
• Large reinforcement chambers enable the use of reinforcement that guarantees appropriate static parameters.
• Possibility to use both a handle, knob-handle and a pullbar handle.
• High degree of safety thanks to the three-point hook espagnolette
• Greater load capacity and long-term use thanks to the use of three or four hinges on the sash

Front doors

If you want a strong, fire-resistant, anti-burglary door, it is best to choose a metal door. Of course, it is not a single piece of metal, but rather a multi-layer, modern design that ensures durability and reduces the weight of the door. Steel doors can be very durable and resistant.

Composite doors

Composite doors are one of the most popular solutions, thanks to the combination of the highest quality components – they are made of a composite filled with glass fiber. They combine the aesthetics of wood, the lightness of aluminum, the durability of PVC and the resistance of steel. The doors are very light, but also solid and durable. They keep their shape at high temperatures, are resistant to moisture and difficult weather conditions. Although they may be confusingly similar to wood, they do not show any tendency to shrink or stiffen. They are easy to keep clean.

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