Roller shutters

Canvas blinds

In our offer you can find fabric blinds with a wide range of fabrics.

Sliding shutters

The free-hanging blinds come in useful and practical instead of traditional curtains.

Thanks to the chain mechanism, it is very easy to use. It is mounted to the ceiling, wall or in a window recess (if it does not interfere with opening the windows). When planning a free-hanging blind, take into account the size of the material + 5 cm for the protruding mechanisms to the sides.

Exclusive blinds

The Exclusive roller blind by MARWAL is a free-hanging roller blind with wide technical possibilities – it can be fitted to very large dimensions. Its additional advantage is decorative – a metal chain to operate the mechanism and exclusive handles. This roller blind can cover large areas and at the same time maintain elegance and modern style.

Mini blinds

It is a free-hanging roller blind mounted on window sashes.

A simple system of non-invasive assembly has T-4.2 and T-6 braking mechanisms adapted to the 17 mm pipe. The maximum width of such a blind is 160 cm, and the maximum height is 250 cm. It is possible to equip the roller blind with a string guide, important in the case of tilt windows. Chain mechanism and brake allow for any adjustment.

mini blinds

Uni roller blinds with a cassette

Mini blinds with cassette

Cassette roller blinds can be divided into pane and frame roller blinds. The UNI system is based on the idea of UNIFICATION, which gives the possibility of various options using the same elements – a cover package, an assembly package and a 17 cm wide pipe.
Thanks to the appropriate attachment profile and distance insert, you can build any type and option of a roller shutter. Profiles are available in plastic and aluminum versions, in a wide range of wood-like veneers.

The Mini system is most popular in the free-hanging version. The cassette is mounted on already installed or new roller blinds. The cassette has a protective and decorative function.

By adding an appropriate attachment profile and a spacer, we can build any type or option of a roller blind. This program enables non-invasive assembly. UNI system profiles are available in aluminum and plastic. The UNI system is particularly attractive due to the availability of a wide range of wood-like veneers. (white, brown, anode, oak, light oak, golden oak, mahogany, cherry, walnut). The roller blind is located in a cassette with guides, it is mounted on the window sash.

Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are an effective protection against insects and any rainfall from shrubs, flowers and trees. They are adapted to all types of windows and doors. We can divide mosquito nets into:
fixed – window and door frames
opening – window and door
rolled – horizontal and vertical.
Mosquito net profiles are available in a wide range of RAL colors.

Vertical shutters

Vertical fabric blinds are a practical and aesthetic solution for apartments and offices. They are made on an aluminum, white rail, which is mounted to the ceiling (with mounting clips) or to the wall (using angles). The lamellas are turned with a bead chain and moved with a string. They are made of fabrics 127 mm or 89 mm wide.

Various control variants are available:
• lamellas slide to the side of the chain and string
• sliding to the opposite side
• sliding inside
• sliding to the sides

Aluminum shutters

Wooden shutters

Aluminum blinds allow us to adjust the amount of light that penetrates into the interior of the room without having to lift it. Thanks to a wide range of colors, we can perfectly match the blinds to the interior design. Due to the light structure (16 mm wide tape, small gutter), the blinds are perfect for small rooms. The blinds are a great protection against excessive heating of the interior and the effects of UV rays. They are controlled by a chain or string, crank or electrically. We provide non-invasive assembly, trouble-free use of the product and, if the customer so wishes, unusual shapes.

Ecological blinds made of natural wood are available with slats 25 and 50 mm wide. These blinds are perfect for elegant and stylish interiors adding style and uniqueness.


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