External blinds

External blinds provide excellent protection against the sun in summer and against frost in winter.

The functionality of these blinds is the reason for their increasing popularity, external blinds successfully replace blinds, ordinary blinds and other window covers. The most popular solution is in external aluminum and plastic top-mounted roller shutters. They can be installed both in ready-made houses and in new buildings that are just under construction.

External roller shutters are a great solution ensuring privacy, protecting against high temperatures and securing our belongings.

 The roller shutters we offer are manufactured on the components and profiles of our reliable supplier – Aluprof. We offer a wide range of solutions that exist on the European market and around the world. We have certificates confirming the use of roller shutters in houses to improve the energy balance. Roller shutters reduce heating costs and the use of air conditioning in summer.
As one of the few, we offer RC3-certified roller shutters, which additionally protect our belongings.


The flexibility of solutions is our strength. The control of roller shutters (gates, awnings, etc.) can be configured with the control unit, telephone or one remote control.
In addition to central control, they can be opened manually as well.


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