Sliding doors

HS / HST and PSK sliding and folding doors

Modern construction creates new horizons in home design and is inclined to large spaces. Large rooms look perfectly with huge glazing overlooking the garden or terrace. A lot of natural light flows into the room, which gives us a sense of comfort and has a positive effect on our well-being. That is why HS / HST sliding doors have become synonymous with luxury and prestige.


The “TOMORROW” sliding door system (with a hidden SKYLINE frame) based on narrow profiles creates a very minimalist look. The frames are hidden in the floor and ceiling. Thanks to the very narrow joints of the sashes (only 25 mm), we obtain an almost perfect uniform glazing. Such sliding window can be up to 4 meters high, which gives a spectacular, unprecedented effect.


Windows in sliding doors are opened manually or automatically using the control unit (it can be put on the wall or hidden in the frame). We offer a number of accessories, e.g. anti-burglary glass, external lock. The multi-chamber profiles contain excellent thermal inserts, which makes the windows warm and environmentally friendly. Glazing of such windows ranges from 52 to 60 mm.

Slide doors are made with a special hardware mechanism in combination with standard profiles. After turning the handle, the sash extends perpendicularly to the window, into the room, and then moves to the side. The maximum dimensions of PSK doors are 160 X 200 cm or 140 X 230 cm. The big advantage of this solution is high tightness and affordability. The disadvantages may be the threshold in the form of a window frame and problems with opening and closing the sashes, which may occur in the event of unskilful use. Thanks to this solution, we can create a large, glazed surface without reducing the functionality of the rooms, because PSK windows do not take up the space in the middle of the room.


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