Window diffusers

We offer window diffusers by Brookvent and Aereco. They are designed to bring the right amount of air into the rooms. Our offer includes in-pane and over-frame diffusers. You can adjust all of them to our windows.

Frame window diffusers

The shoulder air inlet consists of two parts. They are attached to the window frame to cover the openings made in it, which in turn bring fresh air into the room. The inner part of the so-called the regulator is responsible for dosing the appropriate amount of air, while the external one, the so-called the air intake covers the openings (same as the regulator, only on the other side). The air intake protects the room against rainwater and prevents insects from getting inside.

Window ventilators

The pane diffusers work in the same way as traditional diffusers, with the difference that its installation does not require interfering with the window frame. It is mounted between the window frame and the glass, reducing its height. The length of this diffuser corresponds to the width of the glazing, with the air flow regulators at the end. Similarly, to the frame diffusers, it has a hood that protects against moisture and insect mesh.
Shaft window diffusers are especially useful in places where the installation of frame window diffusers is impossible. They are very popular in schools, offices and hospitals where a large amount of air flow is required. It is recommended primarily in mechanical ventilation systems.

We also offer pressure window diffusers that enable optimal ventilation. They are equipped with a flow stabilizer that prevents over-ventilation. Some of the pressure diffusers we offer have the option of manual airflow adjustment.

We also offer hygroscopic diffusers, i.e., those that monitor the level of humidity in the room and open or close on this basis. Such diffusers do not need to be connected to the electricity supply because they have a built-in polyamide tape, which is responsible for the movement of air dosing from the outside.
The offer includes various versions of humidity-controlled diffusers, which differ in the level of noise suppression (acoustic) or regulation (with the possibility of manual closing or fully automatic).


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